Public Service and Policy should go hand in hand. Therefore, this campaign proposes the following platform.

Full funding for K-12 public school education in Iowa to make our public schools the best in the nation. We must not defund our schools by diverting money for public schools into vouchers or other pet partisan projects.
Expanding support for after school programs, child care, and other family friendly policies like paid leave so folks can take care of their kids when the need arises so the family doesn’t have to worry about their finances.
Increased fiscal and community support for public servants such as law enforcement, first responders, and fire departments. We ask those folks to do Herculean tasks in our communities and so it is incumbent on us to ensure that they have not only the resources but the staff and training to do their jobs safely as they go about the business of keeping us safe. This would include funding for additional CIT, de-escalation training, adding additional parole/ probation officers and social workers, and abundantly robust mental health services not only for those in in public service, but also for the public they serve.
Guaranteed funding to ensure that Iowa’s veterans can easily access every benefit they have earned.
Support of higher minimum wage with support for small businesses so they can grow, prosper, and keep good people onboard for the long term.
Support the rights of our LGBTQ neighbors to enjoy the rights afforded to every Iowan.
Opposition of the privatization of Medicaid in Iowa.
Support of unions in Iowa including collective bargaining for the public sector.
Support of our non-partisan redistricting process that prevents Gerrymandering in our state.
Support of term limits. If those at the federal level can’t get it done, we certainly should in Iowa.
I firmly endorse making it easier to vote in the state of Iowa by resisting any efforts that infringe on our right to vote including anything that could be construed as a poll tax, by allowing folks to take paid time off of work to go to the polls, and by rejecting all efforts that would infringe on any eligible Iowan voter to cast their ballot.